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I am not one to write reviews but i wanted to warn people before they waste their money, I ordered wristbands for my wedding in memory of the grooms father and my grandmother that we have lost. This company was a total disappointment.

First of all after I put my credit card number in, the total was one price and when I looked at my credit card statement they had charged an extra $40. I tried calling the company and sat on the phone for an hour before I was the next one in line and as soon as I got through they hung up on me. I gave up on trying to figure out why hoping when they came in they were going to be worth it. Boy was I wrong.

I the color I ordered was purple and I got PINK. The company was so rude saying they can't guarantee a match and when they get made the silicone changes colors. Let me tell you pink is going to look so great in my purple colored wedding...NOT.

Other than the wrong color the bands are very flimsy and break if you pull them a little. I will never order from this company again a hope you think twice also!

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #678763

I ordered from them and never received my order that they charged me for! They swear it was delivered but we never got it!!!!!!!!

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #638770

i ordered 200 wristbands from 24hourwristbands, accidentily placing two orders, i call back and hour later to cancel ONE order and i verify that i still have my other order coming in for a fundrasier becuase my brother had passed away and we needed extra money. I waited a week and a half for my wristbands and they still never came, so i called the company and it turns out that one of the workers canceled both my orders(even though i called back to make sure i still had my other order.) and turns out that "there is nothing they can do for me" The worker on the phone now just told me today that the order was canceled yesterday,April 16, but i placed my order on April 4 so they should have anready been in and to late for me to cancel anything.

Now with the fundrasier coming up this weekend and noe my family and i have NO wristbands to sell because this company DOES NOT know how to do their job. IF YOU CANNOT DO WHAT YOURE BEING PAID TO DO THEN FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO.


:) I placed an order with this company for 1000 printed wristbands and 500 koozies. They charged no rush fee and had my order shipped within 1 day.

I don't usually write posts or reviews on companies but when I went to write a positive review for this company and ran across this negative one I felt compelled to let people know that the guys at are great. They don't scam people and they pick up their calls. Albeit a few times it took me a couple of minutes rather then an instantaneous pick up.

Kalvin my sales rep did a stand up job. They're ok in my book.


I agree also and I also don't go around writing reviews, but this company was so bad I felt the need to get the word out. They have no customer service.

It all started because I wanted a confirmation email. I wanted to confirm they received my online order. I sent 3 emails and waited on hold twice just to confirm they received my order. This got me thinking maybe I should of checked them out more before blindly placing my order.

WOW was I surprised of all the complaints. 241 on BBB. When ordering my bands it said 7 business days for production and then up to 7 days shipping. Well come to find out its more like 12 days production and 14 days for shipping.

I also stupidly paid the .15cent extra for American made with I believe is a total scam they are made in China. Then I had to try to expedite my shipping since they were taking too long - impossible. So I ordered with another company and received my bands even quicker. I also brought up all the complaints against them on Facebook which they explained were competitors bad mouthing them.

It appears to me the company does a fine job itself creating those complaints. They also promptly blocked me from their FB page.

to VERY UNFRIENDLY COMPANY Chicago, Illinois, United States #665637

Can you tell me the other companies name that you ordered from?


I placed an order and received a confirmation email. The amount was $13 higher than the price when I clicked the order button.

I immediately called them - waited about 15 mins for someone to pick up - then asked about the additional fee. They told me it was tax. They are based in Texas, I am in California. I said - at what rate??

They could not tell me. Well, $13 on an $82 order is waaay more than the normal tax rate. I requested a cancellation immediately. They sent me a log of my request for cancellation.

I called again the next day, as I received an email saying that the order had gone into production. I reiteratied that I would not pay additional to what I had contracted for, and they stated that the additional amount was tax, customs fees (from Texas??) and insurance. I said, well, I cancelled my order anyway. They then informed me that they do not cancel orders, despite the published cancellation policy on their website.

They did offer to refund me the "tax" amount, but would not refund the customs fees or insurance. When I questioned how they can refund TAX as is required by the GOVERNMENT they dodged the question. I reiterated that I was cancelling, had written confirmation of cancellation policy AND of my request to cancel.

They hung up on me. So I disputed with my credit card company and reported them to the state of California for tax fraud, since they are obvoiusly collecting "taxes" and not sending them to the appropriate state.

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